About MaryAnn McDonald

Transformational Life and Wellness Coach

MaryAnn McDonald

Certified Spring Forest Qigong Trainer
Certified Practice Group Leader, Health Practitioner

​MaryAnn McDonald is a Qigong Certified Level-1 Trainer and Practice Group Leader and a healing practitioner of this ancient and powerful tradition.  

A former scientist and a coach specializing in trauma relief and discovering and building dreams, MaryAnn has long been interested in personal development and has studied transformational coaching with several well-known instructors. An early interest in Tai Kwando and later in Tai Chi led to her more recent consideration of Qigong as a health practice, one she intends to follow for the rest of her life.  

MaryAnn has studied with International Master Chunyi Lin, developer of Spring Forest Qigong, since 2011 through his three levels of primary instruction and advanced Levels 4 and 5 retreats. She conducts Qigong sessions helping people relax, become better balanced, and accelerate their own healing.

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